About Us

The industry's only turnstiles manufactured to aircraft standards.

Hayward Turnstiles: Built from jets! Well, not actually, although our turnstile line is designed and built at an aircraft-component manufacturing facility that is family owned and operated for over 40 years.

Hayward Turnstiles Inc was founded by two brothers with a desire to manufacture turnstiles that adhere to stringent aerospace standards -- while maintaining a competitive price point.

The company set out to build a turnstile mechanism not only strong enough to outlast the competition, but simple enough to maintain at any experience level. The result is a line of turnstiles, ADA gates, crowd-control barriers, and admissions software with proven quality and unbeatable reliability. Just ask our satisfied customers around the world.

Being family owned and operated, Hayward Turnstiles is responsive to any project -- no matter the size. Whether you're a huge football stadium in need of a hundred turnstiles or a small family entertainment center desiring only one, we will take the time and effort to get the job done right and on time.

Hayward Turnstiles builds its turnstile line with the same precision necessary to manufacture aircraft components. So, will our turnstiles fly? No. But they will outperform and outlast any turnstile on the market today.

Contact us and allow us to apply our 40-plus years of experience in the manufacturing and access control industries to your specific project. Hayward Turnstiles: "Products so good, we're turning heads."