Turnstile Advertising

Hayward Turnstiles and Entry Media have joined forces to help their customers create an exciting pedestrian access system that can generate revenue – increasing your bottom line and helping to offset the initial cost of turnstile installation.

For over 14 years, Entry Media has been offering companies an effective advertising vehicle to reach and literally touch consumers at high traffic locations with their proven effective signage – Turnstile Advertising™ with the multi-patented Turnstile AdSleeve® Armcover units. These high quality custom made sleeves easily secure onto any Hayward Turnstile arm and allows a company to insert an advertising message that people will see and touch as they walk through.

A simple idea – yet market tests have shown that consumers recall the turnstile message more than any other facility signage. In the latest market test conducted, 66.7% of respondents recalled the advertising on turnstiles.

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