HT-60 Full Height Turnstiles

Dollar for dollar, Hayward Turnstiles are simply the best turnstile value in the access control industry.

We have engineered our turnstile product line with your needs in mind: Performance, aesthetics, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

In addition to turnstile and crowd control products, we offer design assistance for new installations, as well as custom fabricated devices.

Hayward Turnstiles provides access control systems regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

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Full Security with a Modern Open Look
The HT-60 is a three vane turnstile using 6005-T6 anodized aluminum extrusions for structural support. The HT-60 offers a canopy and GE's transparent Lexan® arms for a more modern, open look. Added weather resistant finish makes these turnstiles perfect for both indoor and outdoor use.

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The HT-60 is crafted of 6005-T6 high strength aluminum extrusion and features GE's transparent Lexan® polycarbonate panels and arms for an un-caged feel and open appearance. The automatic "Feather-touch" action creates a smooth flow and includes shock suppression and non-entrapment design. This turnstile is perfect for applications requiring security as well as aesthetic appeal.

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