HT-80 Full Height Turnstile

Full Security with Style. The HT-80S (Single shown above) and HT-80T (Twin) are full security, tamper-resistant, full height turnstiles. Both are equipped with attractive aluminum Ovaline arms coated with a weather resistant finish making them ideal for indoor and outdoor applications.


Appearance and Construction
The HT-80 Revolving Door Turnstile has been designed with smooth, modern lines to blend with a variety of building architecture. The HT-80 Series is a three vane full height turnstile with a weather resistant finish and is ideal for interior or exterior placement wherever style and durability are needed. It is crafted of 6005-T6 Aluminum Extrusion and features GE's transparent Lexan® polycarbonate cage panels.

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Standard Features:

Dimensions HT-80S (Single):

Dimensions HT-80T (Twin):


  1. Electronic Operation:
    Electronic locking module featuring heavy duty 24 VDC solenoids and card reader interface
  2. Fail Safe or Fail Lock Operation:
    Available as Fail-Safe (free passage on power failure) or Fail-Lock (locked passage on power failure)
  3. Easy Access Control Interface:
    Turnstile can interface with card readers, computer attendance systems, coin or token acceptors, push buttons, wireless remote controls and metal detectors
  4. Electronic Passage Counter:
    Electronic 6 digit resettable counter with LCD display
  5. Graphic Indicator Lights:
    Vertical Graphic Array (VGA) showing red "x" and green arrow

The HT-80 Full Height Turnstile may be ordered in a variety of different configurations. Please call for details.

Please contact us for more details.

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