HTAT Full Height Galvanized Steel Turnstile

The HTAT Full Height Single Steel Turnstile provides superior access control through solid construction and safe design. These units are rated for indoor and outdoor use and are available in manual or electric configurations.


Appearance and Construction
The HTAT Full Height Single Steel Turnstiles offer durability and reliability at a reasonable price. Constructed with strong rectangular steel tubing, the exterior parts are hot dip galvanized after welding to enhance longevity in harsh exterior applications. The turnstiles are available with all required controls and features to meet most application needs.

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Dimensions: HTAT Single
Dimensions: HTAT Double

Durable, reliable, quick assembly with an easy to service mechanism
This unit was developed with the installer in mind and can be assembled in a fraction of the time it takes to install comparable industry models. Alignment pins and other self-aligning features make the assembly process simple and reduce potential mistakes. Should requirements change after installation, a user can easily change these units (that come electrically pre-configured) from fail-safe to fail-secure. The lightweight, removable mechanism is easy to access through a hinged door above the turnstile. Large electric terminal blocks are provided for simple field connections. All bearings are permanently lubricated requiring no scheduled maintenance.

Servicing of the HTAT Full Height Turnstile is a cinch
The mechanism is easily reached and removed through the hinged access door in the top cabinet. Most servicing takes only a matter of minutes. Compare and you will see that the HTAT Full Height Turnstile surpasses the competition in quality, durability, and serviceability -- and is the easiest Full Height Turnstile to assemble.

If you compare the reliability, durability, and overall cost of our Model HTAT Full Height Turnstile, you will find that it is not only the least expensive turnstile to purchase, it is the least expensive to own.  

Standard Features:

The HTAT Full Height Turnstiles are supplied with many standard features most other manufacturers charge more for 


  1. Electronic Operation:
    This option includes an unlocking solenoid and electronic interface board with adjustable time control (standard) capable of controlling one or two directions of traffic through an access control device (card reader, RFID, biometric reader). The adjustable time control may be used for automatic relocking of the turnstile if entry is not completed.
  2. Fail Safe Operation:
    Upon loss of electrical power the turnstile center spindle will rotate freely in the entrance or exit direction (specified by the customer)
  3. Fail Secure Operation:
    Upon loss of electrical power the turnstile center spindle will remain locked in the entrance or exit direction (specified by the customer)
  4. Double Wide (Tandem):
    Combines the functions of two single Full Height Turnstiles into one turnstile to save valuable space
  5. Model Number Ordering Guide :
    Turnstile Series
    Entrance 1
    Exit 1
    Entrance 2
    Exit 2
    1-Fail Safe 1-Fail Safe 1-Fail Safe 1-Fail Safe
    2-Fail Secure 2-Fail Secure 2-Fail Secure 2-Fail Secure
    3-Not Used 3-Not Used 3-Not Used 3-Not Used
    4-Manual 4-Manual 4-Manual 4-Manual

EXAMPLE 1: (SINGLE UNIT) HTAT-FSTGS21 = A galvanized steel, single passageway turnstile with fail-secure entrance and fail safe exit in the controlled direction(s).

EXAMPLE 2: (DOUBLE UNIT) HTAT-FSTGD2121 = A galvanized steel, double passageway turnstile with fail-secure entrances and fail safe exits in the controlled direction(s).

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