LA-100 Waist High Turnstile

Dollar for dollar, Hayward Turnstiles are simply the best turnstile value in the access control industry.

We have engineered our turnstile product line with your needs in mind: Performance, aesthetics, reliability, and ease of maintenance.

In addition to turnstile and crowd control products, we offer design assistance for new installations, as well as custom fabricated devices.

Hayward Turnstiles provides access control systems regionally, nationally, and worldwide.

Contact us for more information about the new generation of turnstiles offered by Hayward Turnstiles.

Crowd Control at an Affordable Price
The LA-100 turnstile has been designed with sleek, modern looks to fit today's world. Its rugged design has been built to withstand the abuse of a retail establishment while maintaining a price that is affordable to businesses at all levels.

The LA-100 is the perfect waist-high turnstile for a crowd control in a variety of applications, ranging from retail stores, cafeterias, and schools, to office buildings.

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Units are warranted against defects in materials & workmanship for a period of one year from date of shipment. See warranty information for details.

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