SG-400 Series Swing Gates

The SG-400 is Hayward's heavy-duty access control Security Gate. The SG-400 is a rugged yet stylish ADA compliant swing gate. The SG-400 may be ordered with an electromagnetic lock to work with a card reader or other types of ID devices.


Appearance and Construction
The SG-400 ADA Security Gate is constructed from 2" OD satin finished type 304 stainless steel tubing. The hinge post and stop post are both welded to a 1/4" thick 6" diameter flange plate. Each flange plate is covered with a decorative brushed stainless steel flange cover. The SG-400 comes standard with two welded 1" diameter pickets. The standard clear opening is 36".

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Compare the quality, standard options, and thick-wall construction and you will see that the SG-400 is the best valued Security Gate available.

Standard Configuration
The SG-400 ADA Security Gate comes standard with the following: heavy duty adjustable closer, satin stainless steel finish, two pickets, stop plate, and stainless steel flange covers for both post flanges.  


Electric Option
The SG-400 Security Gate is available with an electromagnetic lock which is powered by 24VDC. This allows for the use of a card reader or other types of ID devices.  

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